Importance of Time Management

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Introduction Time management is more often than not a challenge for many students. This is more so the case for adult students. It is important to note that unlike their younger counterparts, adult learners face a host of unique challenges when it comes to the management of time. In addition to the demands of their fulltime or part-time jobs, adult learners often have to attend to other responsibilities including but not limited to child care and other familial obligations. This text clearly demonstrates how adult learners can better manage their time for academic success. Study Skills: Managing Time as an Adult Learner According to Dumbauld (2012), while the decision to go back to school could come across as being relatively easy to make, coping with the various challenges of college could prove challenging. According to the author, finding time for studies could prove rather challenging for an adult learner. In the words of Dawson (2004), "time management is all about taking control of your own time." In seeking to help adult learners regain control of their time, Dawson comes up with a number of effective time management strategies. Some of these strategies are highlighted herein. To begin with, Dawson (2004) recommends that one drafts a list of all those activities whose timing cannot be altered. These activities which Dawson refers to as "non-negotiable" activities could include attending lectures, private study and other important undertakings such as picking
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