Importance of a College Degree

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Is it possible to survive without a degree? The issue of education provides an interesting dynamic in regards to survival. In today's technologically adept marketplace, different skills and abilities are needed for survival. Technology has provides means for entrepreneurs to attain massive amounts of wealth in relation to the risks that they take. Innovations have created massive of amounts of convenience and personal satisfaction for consumers. Technology also provides a means of additional income streams for ordinary workers. For example, through the use of websites such as eBay or Amazon, nearly anybody can become a virtual retailer of sorts. All of this can be done without the aid of a college degree. In many instances many of the world's wealthiest individuals do not have college degrees, or have dropped out altogether. It is my argument therefore, that depending on the circumstances of the individual, it is very possible to survive without a degree. In some cases, these individuals will flourish without a degree as they have skills sets that are unique to their passion. To begin, a college degree does provide better income opportunities, on average. An individual with a college degree, on average, will earn more than an individual with only a high school diploma. This is partly due to the skill sets acquired through rigorous course study. By entering college, individuals gain skills that are highly demanded by civilization. For instance, individuals will learn
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