Importance of a Mission Statement of a University

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Why is a mission statement important to the university, to the Division of Student Affairs, and to the students? In your discussion, focus on factors that might influence a mission statement of a university. A university is an institution that exists to inspire learning, rather than make a profit like a corporate entity. Of course, even corporations must have mission statements to unite workers under a common banner of values and to give employees a sense of purpose. But it is even more important that universities have mission statements, so both students and faculty feel that they are part of a unique institution. Attending or working for a university is an emotional as well as a logistical commitment. When selecting a university, students are often bombarded with a confusing array of options. They must select a university that speaks to them, speaks to their values and will lead them down the path of adulthood. Some students seek personal self-actualization. Other students seek career preparation and a more technical education. The university's mission statement defines what students can expect of their education throughout their duration at the college. The mission statement also defines what is expected of teachers and students, in terms of their input into the school. Some schools are heavily oriented towards research, and wish faculty members to produce cutting-edge theories and make major contributions to the wider field of knowledge of humanity. Others
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