Importance of a Multi-Professional Team

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INTRODUCTION An effective care for patients can be achieved through the collaboration and team work within the certain health care teams to provide a focused and shared learning in health professional education, which can help enhance the outcome of the patient’s needs.1 Working with different professionals and care givers can lead to issues. This can be looked upon so that the patient is given good service and enhanced care. Diversity of opinion and experience can bring strength and knowledge to a team.2 Multi professional working is necessary for holistic assessment and care planning, as one profession alone cannot meet the needs of patients and their family.2There are many other diverse practitioners involved in the care and support for the patient’s and their family when situations become complex.2 This essay focuses on how Edith (92), goes through different procedures and different professionals work together as a multi professional team to treat the patient. ROLES OF THE PROFESSIONS IN HEALTHCARE WITH THE ASSOCIATED CASE STUDY Paramedic Paramedics are experienced medical practitioners, who carry out roles done by physicians and also observe, asses and treat patients using the equipment found in the emergency department. During an emergency, the paramedics are the first health care professionals that are contacted and they then asses the patient’s condition and treat if possible. When Edith’s husband, Roland, called for emergency, the ambulance arrived
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