Importance of an Assessment Plan for Patients' Cancer Care

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Patients' Need Assessment in Care of Cancer Abstract After providing a handout containing two questions to six of my nursing co-workers and then completing one, it was clear that the highest priority educational need that was mentioned was the care of cancer patients during treatment in our health care facility. In this paper we present patients' need assessment plan for cancer care. Covered in this work are the type of nursing care provided, the volume of activity of the institution, the levels of nursing care staff employed, sample selection technique, data collection method, data analysis, an identification of the highest priority learning need, institutional forces for as well as against responding to this need, identification of the next step which is needed in the institution and a conclusion to the topic. Introduction Due to the increased number of cancer survivors, all concerned nurses must possess the current knowledge as well as skills to enable them provide a competent level of cancer care (Volker et al,2011).There is a need for programs and services that are based on evidence-based practice philosophies. These programs and services must also be periodic and systematic and be able to meet the learners' needs, self-reported gaps in the existing knowledge as well as with their priorities too being taken into consideration. In this paper we present patients' need assessment plan for cancer care. Definition of need assessment A need assessment is noted by
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