Importance of an HR Department

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Importance of HR Introduction The HR department is very important in each organization. In the present day all organizations looks for employees who have high potential and are of high quality. This department is therefore very crucial when the success of an organization is concerned. They should therefore have adequate information on the positions that are required within the organization, they should be adequate time given for the hiring process (Davis, 2006). The organizations should not set expectations that are unrealistic and are not within the ability of the HR in terms of achievement. This paper looks at the importance of the HR in an organization emphasis being on the importance of the HR within the warehousing and distribution departments of an organization. The paper further analyzes the importance of human resource management to all other manages in an organization. The functions of the HR as the strategic partner in the organization and also the role the HR plays in employment practices that enable the organization to achieve its goals. Discussion The human resource department is considered a supporting department within the warehousing and distribution departments. Within an organization the centre for distribution is the warehouse and is where the products are stored prior to distribution. Therefore the HR plays a vital role in ensuring that the organization has the best personnel who are qualified to work in the warehouses or distribution centers.
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