Importance of the Constitutional Hill in Sa

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Report on the tour to

Report on the tour to

Thabang Rakau Grde 8 History Assessment Task
Thabang Rakau Grde 8 History Assessment Task

Importance of the Constitution Hill in South Africa

It is important for our youth of today in South Africa to know what our great leaders and ordinary people of our country went through for us to gain freedom and equal rights in this country
Its shows us the conditions that people were treated for unfair equality, judgment and misconduct that the past government had put in place.
The constitution hill also briefly illustrates what South Africa’s past was like as there was apartheid and non-whites had no rights.
It is important for our history and what
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It holds a brief description of South Africa’s past and the huge amount of changes that the whole of South Africa went through leading to the present
It teaches our youth about our democracy and about our human rights that we possess and must protect
It gives us children knowledge on how people were treated then and now and that we should be grateful on the privileges that we have and that we live in a country where there is no more inequality and racism.
It gives us the feeling and a sense of freedom compared to as back before 1994.
It is also a great place for tourists to see and for other people that are not South Africans to know about our history, our present how we lived and what we are planning to do in the future.
It is a great way to show our political history
The constitutional hill also consists of the constitutional court which is the main constitution court in South Africa which is a great place to deal with things involving the constitution and people’s rights.
It showes a great amount of heritage of south africa

Does the constitution hill show diversity in the population of South africa ?

Yes the constitution hill does show diversity as there were peple of all races and religion that were kept in the constitutional hill and there were also women that were imprisoned
But although there was diversity in the constitution hill due to the enequality between whites and non whites and racism, the non
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