Importance of the French Revolution

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The French Revolution is a moment in France’s history that brought upon a political upheaval and chaotic mess. What many people do not realize is the enormous impact the French Revolution has on current European Civilization and other societies in the world. The revolution changed not only France, but other countries as well. Consequently, the revolution was not a mark in history, but a stepping stone. The Revolution started a domino effect which led to imperative events in the world’s history and inspired many notorious leaders. The French Revolution was a historical moment for the lower class of society, change. Unlike the Old Regime the aristocracy was “…stripped of its privileges” and no longer maintained a dominant social …show more content…
And whose interest, even for their own sakes. They will strenuously support. …Your peasantry will no longer be seen in rags and misery, their complaints will be examined, and their suffering removed;…The unnatural union between Church and state…will be dissolved. (Flood 9)

The Irish wanted a legislation that was free, and took in consideration the people of Ireland, not the people of Britain. This exact idea is what the French had in bedded into the Irish minds, liberty, equality, and natural rights of man. The Irish also gained military support from the French. The French planned an invasion to help the Irish defeat Britain, but because of horrible communication the invasion never took place (Flood 1). Just this encouragement from the French revolution changed Ireland forever by making Ireland a republic. Again the Revolution was heard in another country, St. Domingo, an island in the Caribbean. The island of St. Domingo was owned by the French, during the Revolution. The tiny island in the Caribbean was quite different than Ireland and Poland since it had a direct connection with France. With the revolution declaring liberty, equality, and natural rights for man, slaves became hopeful of freedom. Regrettably the National

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