Importance of the Nutritional Status of an Elderly Individual

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Introduction Nutrition is an extremely crucial subject especially to the high risk groups, the elderly being one of them. Elderly people tend to have reduced immunity, physical mobility, cognitive function and mobility. Therefore without these four basic body functions, the person is likely to have poor quality of life. Whatever we consume contributed a bigger percentage to what ails us therefore, it is essential especially for the high risk group, to consumes foods, which are of, significance to their body and which will safeguard them from loss of normal body function (World Health Organization, 1996). Most elderly tend to take supplementary nutrients since; some of them have poor nutrition patterns brought about by many factors, which will be, looked into broadly in this literature. Nowadays the most common cause of killer diseases in our society are those affecting the elderly population and those diseases fall majorly in the non-communicable group of diseases. They include cancers, diabetes, and hypertension among others. Some of these diseases are commence way back before the onset of the aging process. They revolve around a person's lifestyle and nutrition. Most of their causative agents acquired from the person's previous nutrition and lifestyle accumulates with time and during his/her onset years, these harmful substances take advantage of the body's weak immunity and start to weaken it. Therefore, proper nutrition should not only commence during the later years
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