Importance of the Study of Database Technology

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Importance of the Study of Database Technology Introduction The importance of creating a database is the creation of a quality list containing the fields needed to sort and send relevant and timely messages to customers who desired to be contacted. Database creation requires that several questions are answered including: (1) who is the customer; (2) what would be the best thing I could do to assist the customer? (3) What information will aid in assisting the customer? (Nandagoaoli, nd) I. Database Defined The Database is a complex computer-based record keeping system and is comprised by organized data collected for one or more reasons. Data is reported to "own its own…carries no meaning" and to be a "general term often used as a set of information" reported to be referring to the "information input to computer". (Nandagoaoli, nd) Data may be represented in the form of numbers, fact, letters, images, diagrams, and symbols. (Nandagoaoli, nd paraphrased) Database refers to the information file only while database software is the set of programs whose function is to manage the data and programs that operate on it. II. Characteristics and Capabilities of the Database A database is reported as "organized and designed to allow a large number of users to draw/retrieval of information from it for many purposes." (Nandagoaoli, nd) The Database can be produced and distributed rapidly and can be easily updated and duplicated and as well can be compiled collaboratively and
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