Importance of the World Wide Web

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What is the importance of the internet? * -------------------------------------------------

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The main importance of the internet is that it has made information available in a quick and easy manner, publicly accessible and within easy reach. It has revolutionized communications and social networking, creating a zone which was so international that new law had to be designed to govern it.

People communicate, share data and work through the internet all day, every day, without realizing that it is completely decentralized. The internet plays a great role in removing the borders on nations, and assisting in the process of globalization.

In a matter of seconds we can now communicate with people around the world,
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Nothing is better than people with people: interviews, workshops, conferences, classes. additional ways can help them when you aren't there: email, messenger, web pages, mail lists, web site message boards. With video-conferencing, podcasting and other great web tools, you can even have workshops and classes online. * "Research" on the news, issues, papers and literature relevant to your cause. some great ways: books, magazines, journals, papers additional ways: websites, search engines to find materials world-wide, mail lists
What's the advantage of these "additional internet ways"? They just look confusing so far.
Yes, they do look confusing, probably because they are new to you. Books and paper looked very confusing to you when you first started to read — you just don't remember because it was a loooong time ago! * Increase credibility
These days, if a company or an organisation doesn't have a website, it doesn't exist.
The more information and services an organisation provides online, the more professional it appears to the public. * Increase exposure
When journalists, researchers, etc want to find out about something these days, they don't write letters asking for brochures — they search on the web, and subscribe to newsfeeds.
They can get information any time of day or night, and easily save it and sort through it. * Greater quantity and quality of

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