Important Aspects Of A Business

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1. Introduction
In an expanding business, it is vital to have a HR specialist. They will carry out recruitment procedures, induction and training days and will also have significant knowledge of employment legislations. This is helpful as information is kept in one place and will only require a small team of people to hold it for the rest of the business.
2. Recruitment functions
The recruitment industry is used to attract, interview and hire potential candidates for jobs. This is an extremely important aspect of a business as employees determine how the business will run and progress. To find the right candidates for a position, certain functions are required.
2.1 Job description and requirements
This is required to attract the right
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All potential candidates should then be shortlisted and sent to the hiring manager.
2.4 Interviewing applicants
The interview allows the employer and interviewee to validate information on both sides. There are different types of formal interviews consisting of a telephone interview, one on one face to face interview, panel interview, group interview and virtual interview e.g. skype. All interviews require a set of relevant questions in regards to the position and company. All interview questions should flow and allow the interviewee to expand on their relevant skills and experience providing examples.
2.5 Selecting and hiring
Once the interviews have been completed, candidates will all be evaluated and the most suitable will be chosen. Once you have chosen the candidate you will need to carry out reference checks with previous employers. This is important as it will inform you of the type of person they are and how they work.

2.6 Offer
Once the candidate has been offered and they have accepted, the HR team must be made aware so they can send out an offer of employment letter. The candidate must then sign a copy to send back to the head office. Inductions and training will follow once this has been received.
1. The importance of inductions and training

Induction programmes provide the chance to welcome new employees and support them on their new career. It will ensure the employee starts off with correct information about the
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