Important Aspects Of Music Education

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“Education- should enhance understanding of the world, of oneself, and of one’s own experience” (Kelly 2009). What is important about music education? There are many important aspects in music education like pedagogy and performance. For me, music education is about letting the students express themselves. Having the ability to give an idea or to vent is a vital tool in today’s society. This concept influences music because expression is not only in how to connect a phrase, but also how to tell a story. With my time in college, Dr. Joseph Frye will always tell me to tell a story with music. He will also ask me what I want to feel after playing a piece. This is what I believe is important in music education. What is it about expression that makes it so important for music education? Firstly, expression is the main source to music because you have all these different ways to create music. Music can make a person feel great or can make a person feel down in the dumps. Music could not do this to people if it did not have a little expression in it. Secondly, expression is important to the emotional development. In an NAfME article, it states that students who were involve with music are more emotionally developed (NAfME 2014). This statement is important because with emotions most people need to express it, but it is usually harder to talk to someone about it. So why not utilize music to do it? This ties back to music education because without music education no one will know
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