Important Aspects of Hinduism Essay

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Important Aspects of Hinduism

There are many different areas of Hinduism covered in the book The Hindu Religious Tradition. The first important area discussed is about Aryans and early Indian culture. The Indus civilizations, cities, art, and culture are explained. Also discussed is the coming of the Aryans, the Gods of the early Aryans, and Aryan fire sacrifice. The creative power of the sacrifice is explained. The Upanishads, and the search of a self of a man, speculation in the early Upanishads, the teaching of the Yajnavalkya, and the final goal of the Upanishads are also major topics in this book. Religious implications of Upanishadic teaching, challenge and change of Hinduism are explored. Lastly, the new Brahmanical
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Kalpa meant what is fitting or proper. "Consistent standards of dharma were assigned to all men, making explicit the relevance of Brahmanical goals and values for all aspects of life".3 There were also dharma texts that concentrated instead only on the particulars of social duty. The term varnasrama-dharma is summarized by the basic focus with the arrangement of life within a social system. Marginal concerns in the dharma texts are where metaphysical aspects of reincarnation are found. "There was a practical situation where emphasis was put on: if a person is a Brahman or a ksatriya, a householder or hermit, what are his duties?"4 The answer dealt with acceptable behavior in the wide range of situations encountered in daily life. "Moral uprightness lies in faithfulness to dharma, and dharma is rightly different for everyone. This has helped create the tolerance for which Hinduism is noted."5 The textbook gives a very general view on this topic where as The Hindu Religious Tradition does not. The Hindu Religious Tradition also gives a great explanation on the Aryans. Aryans were pastoral nomads. The culture they brought was sharply different from that of the declining Indus Civilization. Isolation is a key factor in Aryan development in India. Vedas are a collection of Aryans hymns where knowledge of the Aryan religion comes from. Veda means body of knowledge.
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