Important Basis For Patient Centred Communication

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Therapeutic communication is seen as a complex skill that involves much subtlety and requires a range of different approaches (Jones, 2009). The importance of therapeutic communication and professional relationships with patients as a prime means of attaining healthcare treatment found to be the underlying theme in interpersonal relationships ( Arnold and Boggs, 2011). Therapeutic communication can create a nurse-patient relationship that enhances choice and responsibility, improves patient input and cooperation and thereby maximizes care outcomes (Rosenberg and Gallo-Silver, 2011). By integrating knowledge with compassion, the skill of therapeutic communication is regarded as the nurse’s greatest asset in reducing stresses and establishing a bond (Rosenberg and Gallo-Silver, 2011). Therefore, person-centred communication is regarded as the mandatory fundamentals in health professions (O’Toole, 2012). Attaining person-centred communication is often challenging and it is essentially required in health professions (O’Toole, 2012). One of the important basis for patient-centred communication is the effective listening (O’Toole, 2012). This essay briefly explains the various components of active listening skills that enhance therapeutic communication. Finally this essay concludes with a self-assessment of the current knowledge and skills that the author possess, followed by a development plan that shows the goals and strategies that can be used to improve author’s active
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