Important Celebrity Attributes

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Important Celebrity Attributes
While selecting a celebrity as endorser, the company has to decide the promotional objective of the brand and how far the celebrity image matches with it. The selection is in fact a collaboration, from which both the company and the celebrity gains. \ The most important attribute for a celebrity endorser is the trustworthiness. The target audience must trust that a celebrity carries a particular image and it must match with the product. \ The second attribute in order of importance is likeability. The celebrity also must be accepted as a popular icon by a large cross section of the audience. \ Similarity between the target audience and the celebrity is the third important attribute. A person well-known in a
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From Leela Chitnis to Aishwarya Rai, all top actresses have modeled for Lux.
 Celebrity Standing for a Single Brand:Think Zakir Hussain and you are reminded of 'Wah Taj ' Taj Mahal tea. Ditto with A. R. Rahman for Airtel.
Scope of Celebrity Endorsement
The use of testimonials by advertisers dates back to the 19th century when medicines were patented. Firms have been juxtaposing their brands and themselves with celebrity endorsers (e.g., athletes, actors) in the hope that celebrities may boost effectiveness of their marketing and/or corporate communication attempts for at least a century. One of the early example is Queen Victoria’s endorsement of Cadbury’s Cocoa (Sherman, 1985). It was not until the 1920s, however, that advertisers used famous people for product endorsements. \ Actresses Joan Crawford, Clara Bow and Janet Gaynor were among the first celebrities to promote products (Fox, 1984). At that time, the rationale given by advertising agencies for using celebrities was “the spirit of emulation” (Fox, 1984, p.90). About a decade ago, one in three television commercials used celebrities’ endorsements (Business Week, 1978), and today this advertising approach appeared to be on the increase across all media types (Sherman, 1985 and Levin, 1988). Friedman (1977) found that celebrities are
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