Important Characters in “Abina and the Important Men” by Jarbel Rodriguez

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Do you think besides literature have another ways to display history? Can historians show you the picture about the historic event instead of imagining them by yourselves? “Abina and the Important Men” is a graphic history book, so the authors not only gives readers literal record but also give images to illustrate the history. The story happened in west Africa in 1876. In story includes phenomenon of the society, and certain African cultures. Abina Mansah, Quamina Eddoo and William Meltonare most important characters in the story because they represent different hierarchies in the society and display different condition in these hierarchies. Abina is a main character in the story. She reflects most African girls living in a low social status. The first reason that she is a very important character in the story is she escaped from her master to find help. In that period, British issued a law that slaves are repealed. Because British controlled West Africa, the citizens needed to comply with the law. However, Abina was sold to Quamina Eddoo by her older master even though she did not see money transactions. When her new master compelled her to marry his servant, she escaped and find James Davis. She was a bright girl. She understood what the law was, so she did not surrender her master instead of found help. Even though she was in the lowest social status, she still ran for her right. Secondly, she prosecuted her master in a British court. Taking master to court was an
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