Important Components Of A Virtual Team Performance Essay

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One of the most important components in any type of team is communication. Excellent communication between the team members is important to achieve the team goals. Talking about achieving goals of the team, it is central to have shared team goals. Also, mutual respect and trust among the team members are main components of the team as well. There are five identified components of a virtual team. “There differentiators- commitment and engagement, shared processes for decision making, information flow, trust, and collaboration- are the most important components of optimal virtual team performance” (Derosa & Lepsinger, 2010, p. 51). Not all teams perform the same functions; however, some teams use a similar approach to reach the goals. There are many types of teams in today’s business world and those teams have similarities in a way they approach the goals. Teams today are more diverse and more open to the news changes compare to the teams in the past.

Article Summary People from different fields were interviewed to find out about three important management questions; (1) why start distribute program? (2) what do they do to keep it successful distribute team? and (3) what kind of advice for startup organization? There are several reasons organizations launch distributed work programs. Many organizations have employees that work from home or somewhere else informally. If it is not formally set rule, there could be issues with other employees. It is
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