Important Events of the Middle Ages

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Important Occasions of the Middle Ages Important Occasions of the Middle Ages The Magna Carta is a very important historical legal document. It was written first is 1215 and was subsequently rewritten and modified into the 19th centuries. King John put his seal on the document, equivalent or better than a signature, in an attempt to prevent civil war in England. Forty barons confronted the king and coerced him to concede to their various demands, which are outlined in detail in the charter. As an attempt to prevent civil war, the Magna Carta failed as a few months after the agreement was made, Pope Innocent III overturned the Magna Carta, and civil war ensued in England anyway. The barons wrote the Magna Carta to protect themselves, their property, and the country from a king they perceived as tyrant. They created this document as a means to regulate the king's actions and powers. Universities became accessible to more people during the Middle Ages or Medieval Times. In the early Middle Ages, education was available or offered only to members of the ruling class and members of the church. Medieval universities were established later in the Middle Ages; they were universities as well as corporations. Some of the first universities of this kind were established in the 11th and 12th centuries in countries such as England, Italy, and France. Subjects that were offered were art, law, theology, medicine, and history. These institutions serve as the foundation upon which the
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