Important Factors Necessary For Successful Counseling

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The therapeutic relationship is one of many important factors necessary for successful counseling. It is the initial step therapists take to form a working alliance with their clients. The purpose of this paper is to understand the importance of the therapeutic relationship and how it enhances the therapeutic alliance. Authors, Carmel Flaskas (2004) and Charles J. Gelso (2012) wrote articles pertaining to the importance of the therapeutic relationship in therapy. While, Konrad Michel’s (2011) supported the successfulness of the therapeutic relationship in his article and used its importance to intensify the therapeutic alliance. Therefore, this paper reviews and explores the main points demonstrated by these authors in understanding the real relationship therapists must form. Journal Article One Professor Carmel Flaskas (2004) wrote the article, “Thinking about the Therapeutic Relationship: Emerging Themes in Family Therapy.” The therapeutic relationship was scarcely mentioned by therapists in the beginning stages of family therapy in the mid-1950s, but Flaskas demonstrated how significant it had become in creating confidence and reliability in family therapy. She wrote that the therapeutic relationship was essential in communicating within systematic roles. It is imperative to acknowledge that family therapy hinged on the successful of the working relationship. The relationship has become so vital that it is now impossible to practice successful family therapy without
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