Important Factors to Remember when Giving a Speech

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Back in my high school in Malaysia, I was not really a good speaker. I rarely practiced speaking in English because I used my national language, Malay, most of the times in most of the situations. After getting a pretty decent result for my final examination in high school, I was offered by my government to further my study in United States. During the preparation before flying to the United States, I thought that I was very lucky to be offered a scholarship to the country that uses English as its native language because I have taken English classes so language is no longer a problem. I thought that if I could excel in writing, so I could speak fluently. After completing my preparation, I flew to the United States in August 2013. Everything was nice until the Fall 2013 started. My life was so dull. I felt like I was all alone. I failed to make friends because I had communication problem. Even though I was in 101C class at that time, I still could not improve my communication skill as the class did not require the students much to communicate with the other students. However, things changed after I got into English 150 class. My communication skill gets better day to day and now I am able to deliver a speech. As the time passed, I have delivered more than 2 speeches and I feel confident now to talk. In this essay, I want to reflect what I have learnt from my speech for the assignment 4 (Exploring a Campus Organization); dress code, tone of voice, eye contact, and a hooked
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