Important Features Of The Pantheon

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another significant part of the pantheon. As well as keeping the decorative features seen in the interior, it maintains the traditional design of a Roman temple. The porch, measuring 33.1x13.6m has frontal colonnade showing eight Corinthian columns made of marbles. The porch followed mainly a Hellenic-Italian tradition added the sense of balance. There is a total of sixteen of Corinthian columns located around the Rotunda so that they can hold on to the weight of the dome as well as to be used as decorative purposes. There are total of eight niches, each containing seven planetary gods statues. Preparing for other weather conditions such as rain, Romans made a small hole on the floor corresponding to the location of oculus for the rain water to escape and to prevent flooding. The dome is one of the important features of The Pantheon. Diameter measuring 43.4m wide, the architects built a thick wall to sustain the weight of the dome. Also they used heavier concrete such as brick at the bottom, and lighter stone near the opening, such as pumice to lessen the weigh load. Romans designed the dome to get thinner as it reach the top and in the rows of 5, the 28 “recessed coffers” decreased in size as it approached to oculus. These coffering were designed for decorative purpose along as a tool to lessen the weight of the roof. On the top of the dome there is an oculus, the 9m wide hole which allows the light to enter into the rotunda. It is often known to be the “Great Eye” and
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