Important Holistic Nursing Core Value

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Important Holistic Nursing Core Value
Nurses are in the profession of caring for others. Nursing is an intense profession that can lead to burnout without the proper guidance to self-care. Blum (2014) stated, “Self-care is imperative to personal health, sustenance to continue to care for others, and professional growth” (para. 1). The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the importance of nurses practicing holistic self-care and to provide an example of the differences in a healing versus cure.
Holistic Nurse Self-Care
To teach holistic care we must practice holistic living, and who best to start with other than yourself. Understanding your personal needs and caring for yourself is an important first step in practicing holistic nursing. We must be healthy so we can care for and lead others to health and healing. Working on reducing stressors will make us less likely to feel burnout in our professional lives (Blum, 2014). I find the self-care holistic core value to be most important, as I know how much of a difference I feel when caring for patients when I am healthy mentally and physically versus when I feel out of sync. When I offset the stresses of my daily professional responsibilities with some time for me, time to work-out, run and relax, I feel like I am a more attentive to my patients and their needs.
After educating and interviewing three individuals in regards to the importance of nursing self-care the conclusion is unanimous. All three
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