Important Importance Of Rhetoric

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The Importance of Rhetoric as a field of Study

Firstly, what is Rhetoric and how has it helped civilization through out history? before talking about the importance of rhetoric, I need to probe deep into the history of rhetoric and define it before coming to the conclusion on why it is important.
Rhetoric can be traced back to the 19th century in ancient Greek and it was was utilized for the purpose of teaching public speaking. Athens is seen as the birthplace of rhetoric, every free man was already modeled in the form of democracy to be lured into politics, a mans triumph was, intact based on how good he was in the art of public speaking, so he would be able to speak up for or against the legislation. In small schools, rhetoric was then taught as a subject, so that every little boy would grow up, learning more and giving more skill to be an effective rhetoric, and the job of rhetoric
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It was noted in the first paragraph that success was calculated how good you were at rhetoric and up till today this mentality still exists, due to the fact that if you are not a good speaker, no attention would be given to you and you might not be regarded with high importance, you will definitely not get as much recognition as the person with a high rhetorical skill. Political events like campaigns and parliamentary debates, the need for persuasive speaking is needed because the electorates do not want to hear mere words, they do not want to hear what the next guy will say a dozen times also, they just want to be assured that they would be treated well, and the best way to assure them and also to persuade them is by talking with great confidence that commands a lot attention from the electorates, not just any type of attention, but the type of attention that would influence them to get up and vote for
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