Important Inventions of the Early Nineteenth Century Essays

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List the five most important inventions of the early nineteenth century. Rank them in order of importance. Justify your ranking. The early nineteenth century was an important period in the development of the United States. It saw a huge increase in population—through both higher birthrates and immigration—and the growth of a more stable and profitable economy. It also brought huge innovations in technology. The Industrial Revolution of the early nineteenth century produced some of the most important inventions in American history. The five most important inventions among these were the reaper, the cotton gin, the steam boat, trains and railroads, and the telegraph. The first important invention of the early nineteenth century was the…show more content…
The first steamboat, which came to be known as the Clermont, was constructed by Robert Fulton in 1807. This development in transportation was huge. People could now ride rivers upstream as well as downstream, regardless of winds, waves, or tides. Steamboats were an important invention because they played a vital role in the opening of the West and the South, both of which had many easily navigable rivers. Towns soon began to develop along the banks of often-traversed rivers. Now farmers could ship in and out their produce and any manufactured necessities at a much lower cost. The fourth important invention was trains and railroads. Much like steamboats, railroads made transportation much easier. Soon after the first railroad appeared in the United States in 1828, miles and miles of railing covered American soil. Able to go almost anywhere, even through the Allegheny Mountains, trains ignored any rocky terrain or bad weather. Railroads were a very important invention because it literally bound American together with braces of iron. It became easy to ship goods from state to state, North to South, or South to West. Each region became more dependent and closely tied with the others. The final and most important invention of the nineteenth century was the telegraph. The first telegraph was put up in 1844 by Samuel Morse. It stretched forty miles from Washington to Baltimore. Soon Morse had tapped out the first telegraph message, “What hath God wrought?” He had made a
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