Important Qualities For Potential Employers

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The first step to planning your career is to examine who you are as an individual, what you know about yourself, and what you want and need. You will then have the upper hand over your fellow students by being able to choose a career field in which you are truly happy to be in. These two qualities are the most important qualities for potential employers. Then even if the career field you have chosen has a lot of competition you will have the advantage of having the upper hand, because of you commitment, devotion, and eagerness for what you want to do. Now after reading this chapter I took a few key things from it; for instance, I have learned that a job is just a stepping stone and not a lifelong thing. While a career is something you like doing, and specialized in through college and is meant to be done throughout the rest of your life. By now having this information it has helped me narrow down the field in mechanical engineering that I wish to work in, which is automotive engineering. Another thing that has stuck with me is appreciating the differences in the generations of people and how much of each one makes up the work force. An example of this is, the Millennials/ Gen Y (My generation), we want jobs on our own terms with opportunities to make differences, get educated, grow , and just have a good time. Each generation has something that makes them unique, and knowing that can improve your chances of being successful in your career field, because you can get along
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