Important Qualities Of A Good Rugby Player

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Precise technique, quick decision-making, and strong instincts are all essential qualities in a good rugby player. The sport takes countless hours of practicing, studying game film, and mental toughness to excel in this tough sport. These lessons that I have learned from this sport are the same lessons that make me a viable candidate for the Pace University ABSN program and will allow me to become a great nurse. My freshman year at The University of Scranton I did not play any sports, in fact I was cut rom the baseball team, and I was not yet accustomed to the course load in my science classes. When I joined Rugby my sophomore year I was still undecided as to what my major would be. In addition I was worried about my grades in Chemistry, a class that proved difficult my freshman year. Regardless, I realized at that I must not dwell on past failures, but learn from them and focus on not making the same mistakes I made as a freshman. Next, Scranton being a Jesuit university, a strong figure in my collegiate journey Father Richard Molloy gave us a pregame before the start of our breast cancer awareness game. He mentioned that as catholic men we are to be “men for others, and pursue excellence in everything that we do no matter the task.” Inspired by these words, later that week I applied for a position as a mentor for troubled teens. As a mentor I came across Dawn, a timid, scared, and depressed girl with no real sense of direction. Dawn suffered from Clinical Depression…
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