Important Service Of Recreation And Leisure Essay

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Introduction Parks and squares provide the important service of recreation and leisure to many people. They are areas of open, natural or landscaped place which have been strategically and purposefully been placed within urban and built up areas for every citizens’ enjoyment. Parks feature natural characteristics such as trees, grass, rocks and soil. Man-made structures such as fountains, walkways and benches are also used to enhance these areas to attract people. Urban areas are often referred to as ‘heat islands’ due to the high temperature caused by the low absorptive capacity of the paved areas, this leads to the importance of green spaces to alleviate the amount of heat within urban areas. Historically in Trinidad however, the main use for parks would have been used for grazing animals rather than leisure and heat reduction. Trinidad features several green areas within the capital, Port-of-Spain alone, and at least one across each urban area within the country. Literature review Per Altier Groenblauw, parks such as those located in North America and Europe are for the sole purpose of relaxation of the citizens among other functions which include, food production, nature development, aids in processes of the water cycle, biomass accumulation and production, provides a sense of calm along busy roads as well as the important role in oxygen production and heat alleviation in cityscapes. Urban models such as those by Ebenezer Howard put much emphasis on green
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