Important Skills For Managers And Business Leaders

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Being a manager is a demanding job. Communicating effectively is even more challenging. Being successful with communication is essential in today’s business world and within the world of For- Profit education. How do we, as managers communicate with our employees? What are common forms that are used when communicating with employees? What styles work when communicating with employees? Some of the questions listed, are going to be areas that I will address within my paper.
How important is communication? According to Duke University’s website, “Communication plays a fundamental role in the success or failure of managers. On any credible list of the most important skills for managers and business leaders, communication is rated at
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Within the current organization that I work for, I see how different forms of communication are used every day and with every interaction made. I see managers utilize different types of communication constantly whether talking to peers, subordinates or managers. In certain situations, it is not feasible to use the same approach to communicate. This can be true with the same employees even when discussing the same topic.
An article based on a presentation at the Association for Accounting Administration 's Conference stated,
“Communication with staff and with your fellow owners is far more important than you may realize-and there can also be a powerful financial incentive to improving the skill. Why? Because if you communicate well enough, often enough, and openly enough, people around you will be happier and more productive, leading to a more profitable firm-and more profitable partners (Communication: Why it is the secret to boosting productivity and profits, (2008).”
I use different types of communication constantly while I am talking with peers, subordinates and managers. As Baack states in our text, (2012) “every type of organization, whether it is profit seeking, a nonprofit, or a government, engages with a series of individuals and groups that affects its operations, and it is important to understand whom these groups are before exploring how they communicate with one another (Baack, Ch 1. 2012).”
I believe that there are often times that communication
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