Important Sociological Concepts

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Title Page What is an Organization? How I Intend to Broaden My Accountant's Perspective Through Sociology Thesis Statement Even though a well-informed person might question why the study of sociology is related to my chosen field as an accountant I know how valuable the study of sociology is with regards to the attention to detail and person-to-person human interactions I am committed to in my field. There are important links between working with financial data and interacting as a team member polished in interpersonal communication skills. Accountants are not always holed up in quiet rooms with no windows, keeping the books for small businesses or a well-established company. Accountants are an important spoke in the wheel that drives a team, and their ability to achieve a greater awareness of themselves though learning important sociological concepts including knowledge of organizational citizen behaviour (OCB) and perceived organizational support (POS). Analysis of Authors' Perspectives on the Value of a Sociological Background First of all, I know that in spite of the poor economy, my chances of getting a good job in my field are strong. A New York Times article (Rampell, 2011). reflects that humanities majors will have a tough time finding work after graduation. However, positions available for accountants and auditors is expected to grow " 在y 22 percent" in the near future according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, 2011). Secondly, as I have moved
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