Important Statistics Regarding The Frequency Of Domestic Violence

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Important statistics regarding the frequency of domestic violence Domestic violence is a common real life issue in our society. It happens in all ethnic groups, social classes, religions, and cultures. In the U.S., a woman is beaten or assaulted every nine seconds. Moreover, between three million and four million women are abused yearly by an intimate partner. One in four women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime. A study that was conducted in walk-in clinics and emergency rooms, reported that 54 percent of women that were treated had been physically injured or threatened by their partner (Domestic Violence Statistics). Signs of an abusive relationship There are many signs of an abusive relationship. The most tell-tale sign is being afraid of a partner. When someone feel like they have to walk on eggshells around their partner, then chances are the relationship is unhealthy and abusive. Other signs of an abusive relationship includes when a partner belittles, criticize, humiliate, or tries to control the other partner; victim feels emotionally numb, helplessness, desperation, and self-loathing; or victim feel they can’t do anything right or believe they deserve to be hurt or mistreated. Psychological Abuse Psychological abuse is a form physical abuse. It is the systematic act of spiteful and straightforward nonphysical acts towards an intimate partner. This may include menacing self-harm or harm to a partner, partner’s family and friends, children;
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