Important Trends Of Health Care Technology

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Important Trends in Health Care Technology
Current research and development in medicine has brought about various technological trends in healthcare and is still promising to bring more improvements in the near future. These trends are important due to the impacts on various stakeholders in the medical profession. The identified trends involves concepts which are already developed, in the process of development or are anticipated to be developed in several years to come, for example, in the 2020 healthcare vision. These changes are believed by researchers and practitioners will shape the current status and future of healthcare and medicine (Allen, 2010).
Several factors today are a driving force in health care technology growth. These factors cut across cultural values and beliefs as well as important economic realities. The most important is population growth and the increasing number of emerging diseases with unknown cures and the increasing aging population with a high number of chronic diseases. The main focus is to go towards sustainable health care provision which is affordable and accessible for all and to reduce disease mortality towards zero deaths due to diseases. Other factors include unreliable and the increasing cost of health care insurance, high level of malpractice and faults by health care practitioners and the administration of inappropriate medication to patients (Buckingham, 2012).
On the other hand, there are also several factors limiting the growth of
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