Important Type Of Art Is Writing Code For The Software

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Basically, there are some activities present in the software development. The most important type of art is writing code for the software. In the market, there are different language available to write the code and these language depends on the platform what we work for. The code contains set of instructions which are used by the hardware to perform a task. Once the code is completed maintenance of a software is the next step which includes checking out the set of instructions which are used in the code and changes can be performed if anything needed. By keeping developer aim in the mind, the maintainer goes forward. It states that writing the code and maintaining the software doesn’t include engineering
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In this topic, it is important to become an expert because when a problem occurs then we should have the capability to face and clear that problem which makes us more confident and gets a good grip on the work. One can get more experience if they solve more problems. There will be a good platform for the software filed once if we got expertise. The employees must be trained perfectly and they should actively participate in the work once they are hired in a company and they need to interact with the experts which make them feel free. Work should be shared between the perfect teams and their work leads to a good result in the project. At the end, an employee becomes a good expert and a decision maker.
Denning and R.Riehle:
The topic provides an overview of that the software engineering is really engineering or not. There is a brief discussion on this topic and also some of the controversies in the discussion. Differences between software engineering and engineering are picked out in this paper i.e. the terms itself are different software engineering and engineering. Some of the Engineering features are common in the software engineering. Engineering includes many works in it and based on this work it is divided into many different streams. It also includes processing, designing, and manufacturing etc. and it’s all depend on the work done. There are different things need to be done in software engineering like designing.
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