Important Values In Life Essay

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There are things more paramount than money in life. There are some who live their lives with nowhere to call home. Dreaming of having a place to sleep and victual with. There are some who live their lives, kenning that the next day they won’t be able to arouse. Hoping they get to stay alive another day to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine on their face, to smell the made breakfast, and to be salubrious again. And there are those who live their lives with no family, dying to ken how it would feel to be part of a family. Some people never experienced having a family. Some people, including kids, could never stay salubrious. There are those who never experience, having a home. I believe that there are three very important values in life that we should be thankful for and they are: home, health, and most importantly a family. Firstly, having a home is something that everyone needs.Have you ever lived on the streets? I’m conjecturing no. Well, let's say if you think everyone has a place to call home, you are erroneous. For example, as you sit on a couch and do whatever you do, there are some who never sat on a comfy couch or even had a place to call home. It is an arduous task to do, for on rainy days they don’t have a place to stay dry at. Adding on to that, you can get sick on cold rainy days. This doubles the situation of not having a roof for sometimes those illnesses can lead to death if you are not remedied immediately. Plus, I'm sufficiently certain that no one is
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