Important Writing Skills in the Workplace

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The Importance of Writing Skills in the Workplace What are the words you write revealing about you? Are they saying I am a well educated and smart business person or are they screaming that I am an ignoramus? The way you write reveals so much about you and your business skills. Your writing tells the reader about your educational background, whether you have pride in your work and your level of business expertise. Any company with employees who write clearly and concisely has a competitive edge over other companies whose employees are still struggling to communicate. The lack of good writing skills in the business place can lead to excessive turnovers, loss of profits and high costs unless remedies are established. In our …show more content…
Many managers are unaware of the legal liability that e-mail plays in our courtrooms. Some ways that companies can avoid litigations in court are; writing with accuracy and precision, know your topic, be consistent, and avoid negative comments. Recently, General Motors was hit with a $4.9 billion verdict. That verdict was based largely upon an internal memo. One researcher reports in Every Word Counts from Patricia S Eyres concludes, “the fact is that during a trial, the courts will review and analyze everything from informal memos to performance appraisals to marketing plans, all of which may be turned against the company” (80). Another high cost for businesses today is illiteracy. Per this quotation, “the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that illiteracy accounts for about $225 billion each year in lost productivity” (Donovan E-mail 15). Most companies today don’t track that cost, however their overall profit will reflect it. Several published articles referenced companies that were hit with heavy penalties relating back to their employees writing skill levels. This cost is needless and unbearable for many companies to carry. Companies are also faced with excessive employee turnover or loss of manpower. Writing skills should be part of the interview process for most companies. Thereby avoiding numerous turnovers and retraining cost. Several companies are faced with the termination of colleagues due to their writing

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