Important of Adequate Nursing Staff

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Abstract Adequate nursing staff is critical factor for patient’s safety and health. Inadequate nursing staffing levels are known to influence on patient’s rate of complications, falls, medication errors and overall patient’s conditions. American Nurse Association found that 54 percent of nurses on medical unit report that nurses are not spending enough time with patients. Because nursing labor cost consumes the largest fraction of budget, many hospitals trying to save money by requiring nurse to work longer hours and care for more number of patients. This short-sight solution not only creates heavier work load to staffs but also threatens patient’s safety. There are no absolute answers to determine nurse to patient ration because it…show more content…
Although all patients are equal, nursing plan must be prioritized so RN can spend sufficient amount of time for the unstable patient. Several issues must be considerate in order to prioritize patient care. Patient’s vital signs, safety issues, pain, diagnoses and so on. Every patient and situation is unique and needs to be evaluated properly by RN so that when RN creates a care plan that will help the patient to reach their fullest health potential. When there are short staffs, time management skill becomes crucial. Managing time properly based on prioritized care and plan accordingly could be one of the most difficult skills to achieve. With high nurse-to-patient ratio, it is even more challenging to manage time because prioritized issue changes depending on patient’s acuity and situation. By listing the activities to be done, estimating time that needed to carry out for each patient, preparing for unforeseen events and delegating task to appropriate person, RN can use their time more effectively and productively even with high nurse-to-patient ratio. Although perspectives of each hospital differ on how safe staffing should be maintained, adequate number of staffs to provide safe patient care is undisputed. The goal of safe staffing is to improve patient care and safety. With adequate staffs, nurse will be able to spend sufficient time with patient at bed-side that will lead to decrease rate of complications, improve
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