Important of Friendship

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Why are friends important in life?
Friends make your life interesting and wonderful. Of course friends argue and have fights, that happens to everyone. That is how friendship is tested during these times of arguments and fights.

My friends have helped me greatly with me dealing with life. They have been there for me through alot of stuff. Friends can listen to you and give you help and advice if you want that from them, or they can just listen.

I have the best friends in the world, and I need to tell them that. If you have had bitterness and disappointment in your life, your friends can lift you up if you allow them to. Friends can also disappoint you and hurt you to. That is how some relationships work out.

In closing here
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That seems like a lot of friends but it includes the outer fringes of acquaintance: the inner circle is only about five.
But, above all, we need to be careful not to treat our friends primarily as a means to the end of health and wellbeing. That isn’t so different from getting in touch with them only when we need a favour. Viewing friendships as an instrumental part of the toolkit of a healthy life could fundamentally corrupt the way we relate to others.
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The Sage
A man is judged by the company he keeps, but it’s not always clear what the verdict will be when he chooses to retain a friend who behaves abominably. Consorting with rogues is hardly the hallmark of an honourable gent but, at the same time, someone who doesn’t stand by his pals when the chips are down is not considered much of a mate.
So what’s a true friend to do?
Aristotle claimed that “only the friendship of those who are good, and similar in goodness, is perfect.” Of course we can love people who are deeply flawed but only when we see enough redeeming features in them to put up with their shortcomings. Surely no one would think a good friend was a terrible human being.
But what if we discover that a friend’s vices are worse than we thought? Many would argue that you must stand by your man or woman, because true friendship is all about being there for each other, no
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