Important of Human Resource Managentment in Today Business Environment

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Change is a pervasive influence. We are all subject to continual change of one form or another. Change is an inescapable part of both social and organizational life. (Mullin, 2002) Therefore, today’s business environment is characterized by rapid and continual change and this is one of the main factors that affect the organization success and failure.
An organization can only perform effectively though interaction with the boarder environment of which it is part. The structure and function of the organization must reflect the nature of environment in which it is operating. (Mullin, 2002) So that, the performance of the organization in changing environment is heavily rely on how the organization’s human resource is able to adapt with the
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The understanding of the human resource plan only is not enough for an organization to achieve its goals in such a rapid and changing environment because the organization human resource management must understand the other various human resource management functions in order to assist the organization to achieve its strategic objectives in such environment.
In today business environment, organizations believe the employees are the main sources of the competitive advantages and the main factors which can lead organization to either success or failure. (Gubman, 1995)
Say Gratton; “HRM is a major contributor to the success of an enterprise because it is in a key position to affect customer, business results and ultimately shareholder value”.
Organizations today are depending more on their human resource. Revolutionary changes, complex technologies and global competition mean increasing vulnerability. Organizations that fail to have the right people in the right place at the right time are a risk. (Stone, 2008)
Therefore, the organization must have the most suitable employees in order to gain the success of an enterprise. However, finding the most suitable employees for the organization is one thing that not all the organization can achieve. This is because there are limited resource of talented people available for organizations and every organization that seeking to gain competitive advantages wants them.
Therefore, job analysis helps the organization to

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