Importing Goods And Products From China

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Importing Goods and Products from China Before the 1760s, everyone made goods and products by hand. The Industrial Revolution was from the eighteenth to the nineteenth century. During the Industrial Revolution there were machines that were making the goods and products faster than doing it by hand. There was little importing because mainly everything was made in the United States. In the 19th century, after a long period of isolationism, China and Japan came under pressure from the West to open to foreign trade and relations. During the Industrial Revolution every country was changing and making railroad tracks, factories, trains except China and Japan. So the Western nations forced an unequal treaty on Japan and China so they have to open their ports and cities to foreign merchants. China welcomed foreign trade but western merchants had no privileges there and were confined to Canton where they could only deal with the Co-Hong. China refused to yield to Western powers while Japan did not. China maintained isolationist tendencies with limited commerce with the West. In the end, China signed the Treaty of Nanking however they signed the treaty after heavy military losses and under much more unfavorable terms. Treaty of Nanking was the end of the First Opium War between China and the British. The U.S. mainly used their own resources to make products such as getting cotton from the South. In the past America used to make their own goods/ products and then it changes to nearly
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