Imposition of a Carbon Tax in China

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In Australia, the debate is that the most of the economist or tax experts want the carbon tax to all the industries so that those industries who doesn’t care the environment move to those countries where such taxes are not imposed (such as China). China has a very strong economic power in the world, but china encouraged the entire industrialist to establish their industries in their country.

Most of the people consider that after imposition of carbon tax, there is no affect on the world-wide pollution, but in china both factors are involved is that the Chinese consumer want the goods that producer produce for them or they want the clean air environment after sacrificing the product, in this situation the behavior of consumer is based on the budget that either their budget allows them to scarifies those product with comparison of clean air. So, the Chinese people are indifference in this situation where they want one product with no clean air or clean air with any products. Also by the relocation of industries to china, they also affect the income of the Chinese people so there preferences belong to those two products. Chinese…

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