Impossible Beauty Standards For Women

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Impossible Beauty Standards For Women in America Beauty has been a controversial idea for thousands of years. It has been defined as a scientific equation of symmetry, evolutionarily pleasing traits for reproduction, a charming personality, and so on. However, one quote seems to have answered this question most sufficiently, “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” Unfortunately, this answer isn’t good enough for American society. No one on this earth is exactly alike in physical appearance or personality and yet this culture does all it can to conform to unrealistic ideals of beauty. For that reason, a woman is judged when she does not fit into that cookie cutter mold.
Scientists, psychologists, behaviorists, and others have conducted studies and experiments to understand what key components define beauty. For example, psychologist, Richard Russell noted that the beauty of a woman is determined by her natural femininity. He explained that women appear to have lighter skin, darker lips, and darker eyes than men. This makes it easier to differentiate both sexes, therefore, women that possess these qualities are considered more feminine. For that reason, these women are also considered most attractive. This phenomenon is enhanced, even more so, if a woman is ovulating causing flushed cheeks, redder lips, and a brighter skin tone. Women have taken extensive measures to achieve these natural characteristics in order to make themselves look more desirable. For example,

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