Essay on Impossible is Nothing: One Woman, One Vote

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"Just do it", "Our time is now", "Impossible is nothing"; these modern motivational sports messages adopted by companies such as Nike and Adidas were originally backed by the women suffragists whose goals were to increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government. The historical context and sacrifices these women made are often overlooked, and the only date remembered is August 26th, 1920: the passing of the nineteenth amendment. In educational settings teachers present information about wars and the passing of importance legislation, however there remains prominent gaps in our understanding of women suffrage for equality--"a war that had been going on for half a century". Jennifer Friedes's story "Iron Jawed Angels" produced by Katja von Garnier, underscores the struggle and grief that women suffragists endured, along with providing the viewer with an in-depth understanding of the events, consequences and heroic actions of the activists of the 1920s women's suffragist movement.
The story of Alice Paul and Lucy Barnes, two young Quaker activists appeals to the audience: mothers, daughters, sisters and those that share their lives with females or are women in today's society. Reading short passages and listening to lectures about the suffrage of women doesn't register with humanity, often individuals dismiss it as something that one always reads and hears about, but that remains part of a completely different world. Garnier's integration of detailed…