Impossible to Generalize about Medieval Women

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Medieval British History 1189-1485
Is it possible to generalise about the lives of medieval women?

Within this essay I am going to look at a range of sources to discuss and evaluate whether it is possible for us today to generalise about the lives of medieval women.

At this point in time most people tended to live in small rural communities, making their living form the land. If you were a female peasant living in medieval society you would have a large amount of domestic duties. Not only were women of this time expected to look after the children they would prepare the food for their family and during the busiest times of the year, such as harvest, they would be expected to join their husbands in the fields to help bring in the crops. Women would also participate in cottage industries, this involved baking, manufacturing textiles and brewing. A well known symbol of a peasant woman would be the distaff, this was a tool used to spin flax and wool. For women living outside the countryside life was not too different, they had very similar responsibilities as they too were also expected to help their husbands but also fathers. They would help with a variety of trades and crafts such as production of textiles, metal work and leather goods. Some women would also run shops and inns. Learning medieval realms. (n.d).

According to some sources it is suggested that throughout the middle ages, the place of women in society was dictated by biblical text. Women were seen

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