Impressionist Artists: Jane Peterson

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Jane Peterson belongs to the group of Impressionist artists. Features of Impressionist artists include vibrant colors, genre subject matter, everyday life scenes, and thick, quick brushstrokes (2). She developed a thriving career as a female artist in the early to mid 1900s, which was uncommon. During this time women were seen as passive, weak, and were not allowed to do things men were allowed to do, according to the class notes. Peterson is an American artist, born in Illinois, and attended art school in New York then later studied in Europe. While studying in Europe the artist that influenced her most was Joaquin Sorolla. She met Sorolla when she was studying in Madrid, Spain. Sorolla is a Spanish Impressionist best known for landscape and genre paintings (5). During the early 1900s Peterson traveled all over the world including: Europe, the Middle East, and Coastal New England (6). While traveling she created paintings of scenic landscapes. Peterson’s journey to Egypt in 1910 supplied her with the subject matter for multiple paintings including Boats on the Nile, Dawn. Key elements of the impressionistic style in Boats on the Nile, Dawn include heavy brushstrokes and vibrant colors. This painting portrays a sunrise at dawn with “two traditional Egyptian sailboats known as, “feluccas, gliding along the Nile (4).” Boats on the Nile, Dawn is a landscape painting of two sailboats at sunrise on the Nile River in Egypt. It is square shaped, about three by three

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