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There are various forms of communication. Of course, verbal communication is used without hesitation, but not often do people think of the various forms of non-verbal communication that is portrayed. Non-verbal communication is just as important as the verbal communication in any setting. In the reading “A Management Style that Made an Impression” (Hirsch, 2011, p. 71), the CEO, has the visitors’ chair bolted down. It has the writer puzzled, because he could not believe that the chair was bolted down. The chair being bolted down shows a level of control. The CEO had the chair bolted down, because it shows where his comfort level is with visitors. The visitor would not be able to enter his personal comfort zone. An interviewee can…show more content…
Changes that can be made to the layout would be to add an additional chair near the desk. A change could also be made in the amount of space between the desk and the chair, adding comfort for all persons within the office.
The case writer implies that the editor does not want to be taken away from his personal zone. He noticed how the distance between the chair and desk made it uncomfortable for effective communication with his visitors. In the text, it also describes the uneasiness that was created due to the bolting of the chair. The text supports the position of Bill not wanting his space invaded. “They separate the host from the visitor, forming a definite barrier, a barrier that sends a message that says, “This is my room and I am in charge here”, (Hirsch, 2011, p. 71). The manager is providing an impression that shows he is in charge. The writer was once in the position of the visitor, when he was in the beginning phases of interviewing. It can be implied that as a visitor, Bill stayed behind his desk to exert his position; however, once hired in with the company, the individual was deemed an equal. “… then he sat down in the other chair, forsaking the status and the security of the big chair behind the big desk” (Hirsch, 2011, p. 71). The impression did allow the writer to feel more comfortable, and even compelled to become more interactive with his staff. The form of impression portrayed with the bolted chair, is intimidation. This practice is used
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