Improper Admission Orders From Morphine Overdose And Death

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Final Assignment Alleged improper admission orders resulting in morphine overdose and death Eghosa Idumwonyi Davenport University HCMG730 June 18, 2015 Introduction The department of Health and Human Services protects and guides the health and well being of individuals here in America (Thacker, 2014). They fulfill these duties providing Americans with adequate and efficient health and human services and monitoring services designed to increase the efficiency of care in the health system (Thacker, 2014). One of the services being monitored by the department of Health and Human Services is the electronic health record system, which carries private and vital information of patient’s health record enabling all eligible participating health workers access to these records (Thacker, 2014). A breach of the protective health information of patients in a health organization creates chaos as these are against the health insurance portability and accountability (HIPAA) law (Thacker, 2014). Hence, measure will have to be put in place to determine what caused the breach and how to rectify it to ensure the breach never happens again (Thacker, 2014). Define breach of PHI by the federal government 's standards including what federal laws dictate the health care organization 's responsibility to protect electronic health information. Breach of PHI as defined by the federal government standards that govern breaches are detailed in the Breach Notification Rule wherein
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