Improper And Inadequate Development Of Water Resources Essay

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The improper and inadequate development of water resources in poor countries is causing damage to the essential ecosystem as well as greatly affecting the condition of the environment. The water being collected and the water that is released back to the ecosystem are not even comparable in any sense. The lack of treatment leading to increased release of harmful contaminants directly into the rivers is clearly interrupting the ecosystem (Molden November 2012). Many from other rural areas are constantly migrating to the big cities to gain access to fresh water and causing rapid urbanization, which is in turn becoming an even bigger threat to the ecosystem. Under these situations, the economic condition of the Global South cannot be improved, as this will be a continuous fight to remain on top. Thus a sustainable developmental plan is necessary to gain back the control over fresh water. The paper will discuss a few major issues with water and the environment, and try to suggest ways to improve the conditions for a better future both environmentally and economically in the global south. Water and Economy The seventh UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in 2001 said “fierce competition for fresh water may well become a source for conflict and wars in the future”. While the World Economic Forum listed water supply crisis as a top item in the list of global risks. A rapidly developing nation like China is ample proof of this fact, where they lose $15 billion every year due to reduction

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