Improtance of Accountability Essay

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THE IMPORTANCE OF ACCOUNTABILITY IN THE ARMY AND THE POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE IMPACT IT CAN HAVE. By: SGT Looper, Harley Whether you are dealing with property or personnel, proper accountability is of the greatest importance in the Army. Having proper accountability can make or break your mission. As an NCO one of my main responsibilities is the accomplishment of my mission. Knowing where my soldiers and my equipment are will help me to succeed in accomplishing that mission. There are many things that can pop up on a day to day basis that can require my immediate knowledge of where my soldiers are. For example, if we have an IDF (indirect fire) attack and one of my soldiers got injured my knowledge of where they are could make the difference…show more content…
Then he gets back in the truck to continue his convoy. While riding down the road the weapon falls off and no one has a clue. Later that day the weapon is picked up by MR. Taliban. Now MR. Taliban has a very effective and battle proven weapon. He could use that weapon to potentially hurt another soldier, and it would all be due to PVT Snuffy’s lack of accountability. Luckily for PVT Snuffy, he has SGT Hero accounting for his sensitive items. SGT Hero notices that Snuffy does not have his weapon, and inquires about its absence. SGT Hero then makes Snuffy retrieve his weapon before they continue the convoy, and later provides PVT Snuffy with the appropriate corrective training to make sure it does not happen again. By maintaining proper accountability of his and his soldiers sensitive items, SGT Hero met his responsibilities and helped to accomplish the Organizations mission. Whether you are dealing with personnel or equipment, accountability is of supreme importance. It ultimately always leads back to the effectiveness to complete the mission. If the Organizations mission is impeded in any way, it can inadvertently affect the moral, welfare, and even the faith a soldier has in their leadership. As an NCO I will not fail my soldiers, I will accomplish my mission, I will properly account for all personnel and equipment, and I will provide all the tools necessary for my Organizations mission to be a paramount

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