Improved Management Of Diabetes Patients

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Improved Management of Diabetes Patients in Rehabilitation Settings
Finie M Hardie
Capella University
Orientation to Graduate Nursing Study Unit 3 Assignment
Improved Management of Diabetes Patients in Rehabilitation Settings
The purpose of this paper is to take a specific subset or population of patients and study the current interventions provided to them as diabetes patients in Rehabilitation Settings. Then, improvements will be proposed to improve patient outcomes in this same setting. Diabetes is a chronic and life threatening disease that effects a large percentage of the population, and it requires time and effort on both the part of the patient and the health care provider to ensure that the patient is able to sufficiently manage the disease process to prevent further complications that can arise from having diabetes. This paper will address both type one and type two diabetes patients, as both are equally important and can be addressed with similar interventions.
Patient Population and Clinical Concern
Inpatient Rehabilitation Units see large numbers of patients that have uncontrolled diabetes every year. The clinical concerns for these patients include hyperglycemic episodes, illness with extended hospitalization, loss of limbs due to gangrene and poor circulation, unrelieved pain from diabetic neuropathies, feelings of apathy about the disease or being undereducated about the seriousness of the disease process itself, and poor understanding of self-management at
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