Improved Navigation Pattern By Association Rule Mining

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Improved Navigation Pattern by Association Rule Mining Chitresh Lodhi1, Kaushal K. Sharma2, Akshay Gupta3 123Oriental College of Technology, Patel Nagar Raisen Road, Bhopal (M.P) Correspondence to: Abstract: Association rule mining can be used to extract patterns of a website visitors’ behaviour. This data can be used to improve web marketing (e-business) techniques or to improve the web surfing experience. Here we are applying association rule on web usage log file of an institution. We are using association rule as interesting measures and verifying their values in two different period of time. We will see how this comparison brings extra important information about association rules generation and helps a webmaster make more and more accurate decisions about the website development and enhancements. Here our main aim is to remove user unwanted uninterested rules and to replace them with new and most favourable patterns or we can say by association rules. In this paper we are describing association rules mining approach. Keywords: Web usage mining, association rules, interestingness measures, E –business. Introduction With the fast development of e-commerce (electronic commerce) sector in last few years, the importance and applicability of intelligent data management techniques has become essential in the e-business sector. The data about client behavior can play important role in
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